Data and AI, Unified.

The RDP product suite. Use RDP DATA to analyze, visualize, and process any type of data. Use RDP AI to consume AI APIs, create AI demos, or deploy and monetize your models and applications.

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Drag-and-drop your data and you are ready to go. Manage everything in one place. Works with any type of data (Video, Audio, Images, CSV, ROS, and PCD.)

Visualize any kind of data, all in one screen. Supports visualization sharing, markers, and offline visualization.

Segment your large datasets using timestamps, segment length, number of segments, or points on a map. Divide large ROS bags into smaller bags, and convert any ROS topic into CSV files.

Integrated Octave/Matlab and Jupyter IDE. Write and run code directly in your browser. Easily apply your processing scripts to your data, and share your code with others.


Explore the most cutting-edge AI models and applications through intuitive and easy UI. No AI knowledge is required.

Push your code with a single Git command. Generate APIs and deploy your models and applications a few mouse clicks. No DevOps knowledge required.

Easily integrate AI into your products using APIs of existing models, or request new models.

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